Limit Logins


Windows does not have an integrated way of effectively restricting the amount of concurrent logins for a user. Limit Logins effectively restricts the amount of concurrent logins for any given user or group.
  • Prevent password sharing among users.
  • Limit concurrent logins for specified users or groups on the network.
  • Ability to see where all users are currently logged into.
  • Logs all login/logout, time restriction, scheduled time, and denied access activity.
  • Ability to set the user to automatically logout/restart/shutdown/suspend/hibernate after a specified time of being logged in (ex. after 5 minutes of being logged in).
  • Ability to set a specific time to logout/restart/shutdown/suspend/hibernate. Schedule these times on specific days of the week.
  • Send notifications (Email/Text Pager) on all login/logout/time restriction/scheduled time/denied access activity.
  • Ability to send Messages to multiple users.
  • Send remote file execution commands to one or multiple users. Very useful for os updates, software installs, etc.
  • Ability to remotely logout/restart/shutdown any logged in computer.
  • Ability for clients to see which computers they are logged into. They can also remotely logout/restart/shutdown any computer they are logged into (configurable in security settings).
  • Ability to play any wav file just before logging out to obtain the attention of the user.

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New Features Comparison


Server is not limited to Windows Server (can be Linux, Unix, WinXP, etc)  
Web Administrator Console (can be accessed from any web enabled device) View the Web Console Online Demo  
Clients do not have to reside on the same LAN/WAN  
Ultra reliable database connection  
Non-techie admin mode (non technical users can safely view login information in the web console and easily understand what it means) [configurable]  
Summary page shows all important information at a glance  
Administrator search feature - easily find what you are looking for - FAST!  
Safest communication and storage yet available  
Customized queries/reports/plug-ins  
Many more features planned for this version  

Existing Features Comparison


Limit concurrent logins - groups 
Multi-language support, both client and administrator console 
Timer enforcement
Timer enforcement with specialized enforcement/sound 
Scheduled enforcement
Scheduled enforcement with specialized enforcement/sound 
Remote file execution
Remote file execution with special logon 
Multi-layered encryption for safer communication 
Email notifications
Email notifications using authentication 
Hibernation, suspend support 
Copy and paste user/group settings 
Priority levels 
Speedy use option (administrator console) 
Colorful user/group icons 
Computer connection overview (administrator console) 
Password protected advanced view (client software) 
Default settings preference 
Log file support
Automatic connection intervals 
Fading lockout screen 
Multiple visual client images for easy comprehension 
Client systray icon right click menu for control over computers 
Group restrictions to the administrator console. - Limit Logins