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Limit Logins - Prices

Item Number Description Total Price Each License Purchase with Paypal
LL-50C Up to 50 Client Access Licenses $250 $5.00
LL-200C Up to 200 Client Access Licenses $850 $4.25
LL-500C Up to 500 Client Access Licenses $1,750 $3.50
LL-1000C Up to 1000 Client Access Licenses $2,750 $2.75
LL-2500C Up to 2500 Client Access Licenses $5,000 $2.00
LL-UNLC Unlimited Client Access Licenses $10,000 ---

**Version 3 includes a yearly renewal maintenance and upgrade fee requirement. This fee is 20% of the cost of your original license. This ensures that all future updates (minor and major) and support will be free of charge.

You will need One Client Access License for every User who uses this application. Once you purchase a license you will not need to pay any other additional subscription fees or updates in the 2.x.x version.

Click on "Add To Cart" next to the item you desire to purchase. After payment goes through, we will send you the official registration code that will enable the Limit Logins application.

If you prefer to pay by check, money order, or Purchase Order, then click one of the following to download the Order Form:

Purchasing multiple Client Access Licenses is possible. (ex. If you have a corporation of 1500 users, you can purchase LL-500C and LL-1000C.)