Limit Logins 4 - Version History

 Version  Major Changes
  • Fixed some bugs that were related to Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Speed enhancements on the client.
  • Better Admin Console compatibility.
  • Added better Terminal Server support for users or groups.
  • Minor speed enhancements.
  • Fixed a few bugs.
  • New version. Many new features including the ability to choose file system OR a MySQL database to store data. See all new features here.

Limit Logins 3 - Version History

 Version  Major Changes
  • Fixed the remote connect feature so that it can be used with additional third party applications.
  • Encrypted the storage of the remote connect string so that passwords can be embedded safely.
  • Fixed a bug that caused slow program load times.
  • Added a caching feature. Groups and/or users can now be cached to increase the performance.
  • Added a second Active Directory access method option.
  • Added visual client improvements.
  • Fixed a bug in 64 bit OS's that caused the client to crash.
  • Couple of visual improvements.
  • Sped up the process of loading a large amount of users in the administrator console.
  • Minor client fixes
  • Added a new search/filter option in the administrator console. It is now a lot easier and faster to find the user you are looking for.
  • Clearing computer connections is now more reliable and faster.
  • Added an option to clear the default setting. No more manual file deletion.
  • Added a group restriction feature. Can assign specific groups a particular permission within the administrator console. See the following screenshot.
  • Fixed a minor bug while adding a new server share.
  • A few minor performance enhancements.
  • Fixed a bug while registering the product.
  • New Version. Added all features from version 2, plus many additional features. See the comparison here for further details.

USB Admin Pro - Version History

 Version  Major Changes
  • Fixed a bug that would not disable removable media if the centralized log system was not setup fully.
  • In the Administrator Console, added the ability to detect if the central log system has been setup. If not, it will give the administrator the option to set it up.
  • Fixed a bug that will release the Ctrl and Alt keys after the release of removable media. Ctrl and Alt keys are now usable after you remove the removable media from the computer
  • Added an option to allow the administrator to choose whether to lock the Ctrl and Alt keys while the user is locked out of the computer for inserting an unauthorized removable disk.
  • Password protected the lockout screen with encryption. This gives the administrator the ability to unlock the lockout screen while removable media has been inserted. This gives the administrator more control over the product (when the lockout screen is disabled the removable media is still restricted).
  • Made installation a little easier by allowing the administrator to install the client service on the machine the Admin Console was installed on.
  • Added a lockout screen to deter mischievous employees.
  • Added option to use a custom image for the lockout screen display. - Version History